Smith, Lisa Marion

Lisa Marion Smith has held a number of jobs, including (in no particular order); secretary, opera singer, information security consultant, modern dancer, medical editor, English teacher, software developer, waitress, and technology project manager. Today, she writes copy for pharmaceutical advertising and communications.  Lisa has swum in the Hudson River on many occasions, and once swam in the East River, but had to be rescued (so she probably won’t try that again). She is currently at work on a series of short stories that takes place in Manhattan called “Surrounded by Water.” The stories incorporate elements of the entire Microsoft Office suite of products.  Lisa went to college (Mount Holyoke, NYU), lived in foreign countries (France, Germany), and is fluent in several idioms (Spanish, French). Despite having The Whitest Name on the Planet, she is half Colombian. Originally from Austin, Texas, she makes her home in New York City.

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