Ryane, Mel

When Mel Ryane found a flyer on her doorstep from a local elementary school asking for neighborhood support, she volunteered to create The Shakespeare Club, an after-school program dedicated to teaching third-, fourth- and fifth-graders about William Shakespeare's life and works.  Her memoir, "Teaching Will: What Ten Kids Gave Me That Hollywood Couldn't," chronicles her first year working with these children, and has secured literary representation, along with her first novel, "Nobody's Dolly." She is currently in revision on her second novel, "A Novel Class."  More recently, Mel has traveled across North America teaching "From Page to Podium: Reading Your Work Aloud," a workshop designed to teach public speaking to writers.  In these workshops, Mel draws from her distinguished acting career on stage and screen in the U.S. and her native Canada. She has also worked as an acting and dialogue coach on film and TV projects, including the hit sitcom "Seinfeld," and taught presentation technique at the corporate level.  Mel was accepted into the Directing Workshop for Women at the prestigious American Film Institute, where she directed her short film, "Stepping on the Cracks." She also wrote a sitcom pilot that was optioned in Canada, and wrote and directed a play for the du Maurier World Stage Festival.  An avid blogger, Mel writes about her volunteering experiences at "Teaching Will" and about her travels around the world at "On Location." Both can be found at www.melryane.com

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