Rozman, Scott

Scott Rozman changed his life after defeating a rare form of cancer for which he believes he is still the only known survivor in the world.  He left his International Finance job at HBO to write books that help others live more fulfilling, more aware lives. His core book, Spiritual Practicality, in pre-publication, is part memoir about overcoming illness in the face of death and part roadmap for anyone to overcome their personal challenges using coaching tools and techniques that help them go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Scott is a Certified Career/Life coach who started his own company, Step Above Coaching, in 2004. He was the founding member of the Galaxy Writers Group and utilized his strategic planning expertise when he co-produced and managed the theatrical event, “Welcome to the Woods” in 2009. Scott recently started Well-Lived Enterprises, creating books and other events that offer people a new way to look at travel, the world, and themselves. His unique travel series has a planned launch date of 2014. He has an MBA from the prestigious Stern School of Business at NYU and extensive public speaking, leadership, and volunteer accomplishments. Scott was born in New York City, raised in Northern New Jersey and has traveled to over 40 countries and to 47 U.S. States. and

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