Riker, Robin

Robin Riker was born in Manhattan into the third generation of actors on both sides of her family, Robin has been writing and performing since she became able to spell and walk upright.  Her first fiction was a novel written (and pre-sold to her classmates) in the third grade and her first play was penned and performed to great acclaim, in the sixth grade.  Robin is the author of “A Survivor’s Guide to Hollywood: How to Play the Game without losing your Soul” (Calitygian Press).  She currently has two television pilots and a movie screenplay making the rounds.  She has been a regular on six television series, including; Get a Life, Thunder Alley, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Gregory Hines Show.  She also has played recurring roles on Boston Legal, Reba, The Glades and the HBO’s series, Hung.  She continues to work regularly in film and TV and on-stage in New York and Los Angeles.  www.robinriker.com

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