Gallo, Glory

Glory Gallo – “I’m a Jill of all trades, master of none. I suppose that’s not exactly true. I’m very good at some things – things important to me: I’m a very good wife, mother, daughter, cook, actress, photographer. I throw a mean party and can decorate on a dime. I’m only ok at many of the things I love to do like gardening, ping pong, yoga, darts, and scrabble. I enjoy singing, fishing (I have issues with live bait) and shooting pool even if I’m not very good at them. I’m also a reluctant writer but I’m not sure where that falls into the mix. Sometimes it’s comes easy, but mostly it doesn’t. But I love it and I always try to do the things I love whether I’m good at them or not. I feel it rounds out my life.”   Glory Gallo has performed in more than a dozen NYC stage productions including the Off-Broadway premieres of Emerging Artists Theatre Company’s“Elephant Girls” and“Claymont”, The Cell Theatre Co.'s“Guilty”, and in the acclaimed Off-Off Broadway production of“Welcome to the Woods.” Television credits include:ABC Primetime’s: “What Would You Do?” “The Guiding Light,” and“One Life To Live”….and a bunch of films you’ve probably never seen.

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