Foyle, Maureen

Maureen Foyle was born in New Jersey into a large fun Irish family. She put herself through college by waitressing, studied in Madrid and Paris and graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. A relentless student of the world, she's studied 7 languages and everything from ancient history to west African dance to stand-up comedy and recently completed a professional certificate in Global Affairs at NYU. Her irrepressible curiosity has taken her to over 50 countries during her 20+ years working as a travel consultant. Recognized as an A-List Travel Agent by Travel and Leisure Magazine, she delights in opening horizons and encouraging positive new experiences for her clients and friends. At the urging of a friend, she started writing in her 40’s and is now a vocal supporter of the International Women’s Writing Guild. She lives within an hour of 3 major metropolitan airports in her beloved state of New Jersey with her soft-spoken Argentine husband.

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