Bushey, Linda

Linda "Linny" Bushey is an actor, singer, therapist and confirmed plant addict. She is the female lead vocalist for Where's Jimmy, a rock cover band, and was a member of Frankfurt International Theatre Sports, an English-speaking improvisation troupe based in Frankfurt, Germany. Linny thoroughly enjoys observing, and often commenting, on the exquisite beauty, rich textures and quirky oddities that life has to offer. A metaphorical thinker by nature, Linny is thrilled to be a part of this fascinating project and grateful for the opportunity to unlock Pandora's Box and put what spills out on paper. After spending her whole life on the United States’ East Coast, Linny has taken to exploring distant lands.  She lived one year in Germany, and currently resides in London, England with her beloved husband and two pups where she is working as an actor as well as studying the craft. They are happily aiding her in her quest to discover the world's tastiest frozen dairy delights.

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