What You'll Get

In each PERSPECTIVES version, you’ll get:

  • Inspired from diverse writers’ perspectives and styles,
  • 125 unique stories, poems, or essays,
  • A new appreciation of different viewpoints,
  • A chance to read and fall in love with new writers, from the 20 featured in each version,
  • Motivation to tap into your own creativity,
  • An opportunity to write, if you are so inclined,
  • A chance to potentially share your stories with others on our website, on Facebook, and/or in other venues,
  • 25 photographs that might change how you see the world,
  • A means to share ideas, stories and perspectives with friends,
  • A book that is easy and fun to read while also having depth and substance,
  • A realization that the way you see something is not the only way, and how different ways (how others see the same thing) can be used to better your life,
  • Inspiration for your own voice and provocation from others’ voices,
  • A cross between Julia Cameron’s creativity-inspiring book, “The Artist’s Way” and the thought-provoking film “Rashomon,” where 5 people see the same thing, yet all have 5 very unique perspectives about what happened as well as 5 unique ways of telling their personal stories, and
  • Potentially, a new and more exciting way of seeing and experiencing life.