How It Works

Perspectives has 25 photos in each version and 5 unique writing perspectives for each photograph.  Participating writers were encouraged to write whatever they saw, felt, or thought emanating from the photo or match a previously written piece if the photo evoked that feeling and connection.  Every contributing writer has multiple pieces in Perspectives so you can get to know them and their writing styles. The book and the series cultivate creativity using many genres, including; fiction and non-fiction, expository and narrative, play excerpts and poems. 

We hope you, too, will be inspired from the photographs as well as the writers’ perspectives and maybe even write some of your own stories or poems.  The last page with each photo is left blank, FOR YOU to write your perspective, if you want to.   Write whatever you see, whatever you feel, whatever you want, or simply enjoy the musings from the 20 writers featured in each version.