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Perspectives offers 5 very different writing stories, commentaries, or poems for each of the 25 photos presented in each version of the series, or 125 pieces in all. No rules. No limits. No right or wrong way.  Writers were inspired from photographs to write whatever they saw, thought, or felt. For example, the above black and white cemetery photo resulted in:

1 - a heartwarming story about a dead grandfather,
2 - a powerful piece about 9/11,
3 - a humorous account that includes Al Roker,
4 - an emotional recollection about a piano, and
5 - a dramatic childhood story going back to Old Italy.

Reading Perspectives, you will be inspired from the diverse writers’ viewpoints as well as the photographers’ creativity.  Space is provided so that you can share your own stories, if you want, and potentially, change the way you, and others, see the world. Perspectives shows how even when we look at the same image, we all see differently, all communicate in our unique ways, and all need our voices to be heard!

20 Featured Writers

  • Anna Kerrigan

    Anna Kerrigan
  • Anya Achtenberg

    Anya Achtenberg
  • Barry Nevins

    Barry Nevins
  • Christine Graf

    Christine Graf
  • Dorothy Randall Gray

    Dorothy Randall Gray
  • Irwin Maas

    Erwin Maas
  • Frank DiMauro

    Frank DiMauro
  • Glory Gallo

    Glory Gallo
  • Heather Cariou

    Heather Cariou
  • Jane Kolstein

    Janet Kolstein
  • Janet Neal

    Janet Neal
  • Kristin Lamendola

    Kristin Lamendola
  • Linda Bushey

    Linda Bushey
  • Lisa Marion Smith

    Lisa Marion Smith
  • Maureen Foyle

    Maureen Foyle
  • Mel Ryane

    Mel Ryane
  • Robin Riker

    Robin Riker
  • Sam Foreman

    Sam Forman
  • Scott Rozman

    Scott Rozman
  • Veronica Corpuz

    Veronica Corpuz


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